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Information about Delegia Meeting System

With Delegia Meeting System you can track your visitors throughout the event, from invitation and communicative websites for your events, via a flexible registration to the effective management and on-site tools. Read more

Information about Delegia On-Site

We can help you On-Site on the event. We have barcode scanners, computers and techniques to optimize the logistics On-Site. At the entrance, we can set up a helpdesk for people with late changes or additional filings. Confirmations, name badges and tickets can be handled directly to the visitor at the time of registration. Read more

Information about Delegia Mobile

Push development forward! Delegia Mobile can present all the event content in the mobile phone. From the agenda and seminars, to maps and tickets or interactive elements booking meetings, polls and twitter feeds. Read more

Information about Delegia MessOut

Allow participants to interact! With own smart phones you can vote and ask questions during the seminar. Interacting with the audience and show them that the dark ages by show of hands or bulky voting machines is over. Read more

Information about Delegia Expo Manager

With the Expo Manager system, you as an exhibitor can capture leads in your booth with a smart phone or tablet. You can easily monitor who has met whom in the booth and quickly get all the information about your leads. Read more

Information about Delegia Matchmaking

With Delegia Matchmaking, you can match meetings for maximum effect during an event. You can see the participants' interests and calendar. You can also book a meeting point and send messages to each other. Increase networking on your event. Read more

Information about Delegia Abstracts

Design your registration form for abstracts submission. The sender can then add any number of abstracts. A confirmation will be sent out with a summary of the submitted abstracts. It is also possible to design a registration for the reviewers. Read more